New Custom-Built Computer Warranty – Custom built computers are special order, Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable. Ninety (90) day limited parts warranty and ninety (90) day labor warranty from the date of invoice.  All other warranties on parts, if available, must be obtained direct through the manufacturer of the parts by the customer. Windows operating system software is sold as is and carries no warranty. Lake Mary Computers, Lake Mary Electronics, Inc., and Premier IT Management does not warranty any software installed by the customer or the repair and labor involved should it be necessary to bring the customers computer system back to an operative state from any adverse effect that may have occurred resulting from third party hardware or software that has been installed by the customer. This Warranty does not cover power supplies, or any internal computer component that show signs of lightning or surge damage upon examination by a Lake Mary Computers technician. Windows Operating System issues are supported by Lake Mary Computers for an initial period of 30 days. Technical Support other than the initial 30 days of Windows support is not provided free of charge. A Technical Support Package can be purchased at a nominal fee. Additional Windows Operating System support may be available direct through Microsoft. All other software applications are supported by their respective manufacturers. All warranty service is offered at our Lake Mary Service location only. This warranty will not cover repairs performed by anyone other than Lake Mary Computers. Customer agrees at the time of purchase that it will be at the option of Lake Mary Computers to void all warranty of any computer system should inspection by a Lake Mary Computers technician find the system damaged due to either improper installation on the customers part, inadequate surge protection, and/or damaged caused by acts of God.

New Customer Brand Name Desktop & Notebook Computer Warranty –   Ninety (90) day Lake Mary Computers Warranty. All other warranties must be obtained direct through the manufacturer. No other warranty applies.

Used and Refurbished Desktop and Notebook Computers, Monitor Warranty – Thirty (30) Day Repair, Replacement, or Exchange Warranty at the discretion of Lake Mary Computers. No other warranty applies. If Lake Mary Computers installed an operating system, it will be supported for Thirty (30) days. Third party software or hardware installed by the customer is not covered under warranty. Laptop Batteries and Power Chargers carry no warranty.

Used Accessories & Miscellaneous Parts Warranty - No Returns Accepted. Sold As-is. Defective products include a Seven (7) day exchange warranty only. No other warranty applies. This includes but is not limited to video cards, sound cards, modems, network cards, optical drives, floppy drives, hard drives, power supplies, chassis, fans, heat sinks, memory, processors, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, and/or miscellaneous clearance merchandise or other internal computer component.

Software Warranty - All software sales and software subscription sales are final. Software is non-returnable. Any software warranty that may exist will be direct through the manufacturer. It is the customers responsibility to obtain any further warranty direct through the manufacturer.

All Other New Parts, Products & Accessories Warranty - All other new products sold by Lake Mary Computers and Premier IT Management are backed with a ninety (90) day limited warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase with the exception of new Power Supply Units which carry a thirty (30) day warranty against manufacturer defects to be determined by Lake Mary Computers. All power supply units that have been determined to have had surge damage carry no warranty.  It is the customer’s option and responsibility to pursue any additional product warranties that may be available to them at the expiration of Lake Mary Computers warranty, through the manufacturer directly. Lake Mary Computers does not offer free technical support or installation instructions on individual parts or accessories. Technical support, general instructions, and installation services are available for a nominal fee. All support and installation fees are paid in advance by cash or credit card and are non-refundable. Technical Support is a scheduled service available by telephone on a call back basis only.

Service Warranty - Thirty (30) day labor warranty on all work performed by the service department. This service warranty will be void if the customer installs an unsupported device or software that adversely affects any service previously performed or if the customer’s computer contracts virus(s) or malware. Customers are required to read and sign Lake Mary Computers service invoices when checking in and checking out any property at our service department. By doing so, customer agrees without reservation to all policy's set forth herein.

Return Policy - Returns are accepted within seven (7) days from the date of purchase unless otherwise marked. No returns will be accepted without the customer’s original invoice present. Returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. All Shipping, handling, and insurance will be the responsibility of the client. Shipping and handling charges of any kind are not refundable. Credit Card Processing fees are not refundable. Labor is not refundable. Returns will be accepted only if the products being returned are in their original new condition, have not been opened, and include all accessories, cables, literature, originally included. Returns will be accepted only if the products show no signs of installation unless otherwise authorized. All products returned for warranty may be bench tested prior to being accepted for return and replacement. A customer will be responsible for a diagnostic bench fee of $99.99 if a product being returned under warranty proves to operate normally after being tested by a Lake Mary Computers technician. Custom-built Computer systems, Special Order Name Brand Computers, Bare Bones Computers and Special-Order Hardware and Software Products of any kind, are NOT returnable or refundable at any time for refund, credit or exchange unless otherwise authorized. All returns being shipped back must be pre-authorized and have an RMA # or they will not be accepted under any condition. The RMA # must be clearly written on the RMA package being returned. Returns may be refused if any of the return conditions are not met.

Refund Policy - Refunds are available within seven (7) Days from the date of purchase except for special-order product which is nonrefundable and non-returnable. No refunds will be issued without the customer’s original invoice present. Refunds will be issued in the following manner only: If purchase was originally paid by credit card presented at our Service Center - a refund to the original credit card at purchase will be made once the return has been verified less any fees, charges, and restocking fees in accordance with our terms of sale. The original credit card must be presented for the refund only. If the original purchase was made online, by credit, debit or paid in cash at our service canter, a corporate check will be issued by Lake Mary Computers by mail within fifteen (15) business days payable to the customer listed on the original invoice after verification has been made of any return less any Fees, Charges, and Restocking fees. If a store credit is requested by client. store credits must be used withing 30 days from the original issue date. UNDER NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE WILL CASH REFUNDS BE ISSUED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL ANY PRODUCT BE ACCEPTED FOR RETURN WITHOUT THE CUSTOMERS ORIGINAL INVOICE PRESENTED.

Data Policy - Lake Mary Electronics Inc. (dba) Lake Mary Computers, Premier IT Management its affiliates, owners, employees, and associates shall not be liable or responsible for any data stored on the customer’s hard drive(s) or any data storage devices or media at any time before, during, or after service. While we try maintaining the integrity of data while a computer or storage device is in our possession, we cannot be held liable for any data loss under any condition. We highly encourage customers to make back-ups of any important data on a regular basis & before your computer or data storage device is checked into our service department.

Abandonment Policy - Any property left in our service department after 30 days from the date of the service invoice will be charged a storage fee of $2.00 per day. Any property left in our service department for more than 45 days from the date of the service invoice will be considered abandoned property and may be discarded. In the event there are remaining unpaid fees involved, the abandoned property may be sold by Lake Mary Computers for the purpose of recouping any remaining service fees. 

All policies detailed above will apply to any sale or service generated in our retail service center and online. The customer agrees to accept these terms and conditions of sale and policies contained therein from LAKE MARY ELECTRONICS, INC. (DBA) LAKE MARY COMPUTERS AND PREMIER IT MANAGEMENT.

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The following policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.

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